December 31, 2010

  • Christmas in Temecula

    We returned yesterday from a great week at the Temecula Farmhouse with my in-laws, Chris, Victoria and Maddy. I’d heard a lot about the vineyards in Temecula, but had never been there. It’s gorgeous wine country … and so close (only about two hours’ drive away). The farmhouse was situated in a valley about 15 miles from the highway. Every window afforded a breathtaking view of the surrounding hills and vineyards. There was a lot of land for Atari and Murphy (my in-laws’ dog) to run around on, and the three-story, five-bedroom farmhouse provided all nine of us with the right amount of privacy and common space.

    Some shots of the interior and exterior of the farmhouse.

    December 210 December 212

    December 211 December 110

    December 112 December 111

    We all had a fantastic time and ate too much. Jack and Maddy particularly enjoyed running around together. Of course they had the typical “learning to share” moments, but it was adorable to watch them play little pretend games and chase each other through the house while squealing with delight. Derek and Atari also loved all the outdoor play space.

    December 198 December 199

    December 178 December 182

    December 159 December 096

    December 101 December 203

    December 191 December 187

    Christmas morning was lots of fun, of course. We had already given Jack and Derek their big Santa gift (a play kitchen), but they still had plenty of other things to open at the farmhouse.

    December 115   December 122

    December 128 December 138

    December 143 December 150

    I got some great stuff, too, including a Keurig mini personal brewer (yay!) and cute new pajamas from Pink. Oh, and Johnny also got me three new Mickey vinylmation figurines from the holiday collection! Very exciting. We spent the rest of Christmas Day chilling with the kids, playing horseshoes, and eating the yummiest dinner ever, prepared by my father-in-law. Johnny’s cousin, Patrick, and his wife, Kelly, joined us for the meal. I also got to play some Christmas carols on the farmhouse piano.

    Jack and I playing with his new Moon Dough “pizza making” kit; Johnny and I on the porch that extended all the way along the main floor.

    December 156 December 152

    My mother-in-law, Victoria and Maddy; my father-in-law and I playing Christmas carols together.

    December 157 December 164

    Jack accompanying us on Maddy’s “flute”

    December 169

    Now we’re back and unpacked, and today my in-laws arrive (they spent the night in San Diego after leaving the farmhouse yesterday) to stay for three weeks. Tonight we’re doing New Year’s Eve dinner with my parents and June, so that should be fun. I’m looking forward to 2011 — no resolutions, just a pledge to make this year the best it can be!

    Edited to add: I just realized that my Christmas Day outfit is the same as the outfit I was wearing in one of the pics from my previous entry. I promise I do have more than one special outfit!

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  • Do you know Fallbrook?

  • That farmhouse is beautiful!!  How fun!!  Looks like you guys all had a great Christmas.  And i didn’t even notice it was the same outfit!  It’s funny you mentioned that because when i was picking out my Christmas outfit, i started thinking back to clothes i recently had pictures taken in and decided solely because i hadn’t been pictured in that particular sweater..haha.  Don’t worry, we all know you’re not sporting a cute grey sweater for every outfit  Oh, and that Dinosaur book looks really cute!  Is Jack potty trained?  I can’t remember.

  • @TrainTrack - No … is it near San Diego? 

    @ShamrockLover - LOL about how you chose your Christmas outfit! I should have thought of what I’ve worn recently … noted for next time! As for Jack, yes, he’s potty trained. We trained him a couple of months after his 2nd birthday (he turned 2 in July 2009; we trained him in September 2009). He finds anything involving underwear hilarious.

  • Fallbrook is in north San Diego County…about 15 minutes from Temecula.

  • Wow, the farm house is gorgeous!! Loved looking at all the pictures of you and your family Beverly. Looks like the kids had a wonderful Christmas. :o ) I’m so glad you got a mini Keurig! I have the mini one too and its so convenient. I got the reusuable kcup for Christmas so you can use regular coffee (I like Dunkin Donuts brand). Enjoy!!

    p.s. cute sweater. :o )

  • HA! I love that sweater. :) That farmhouse is amazing!!! Looks like you had such a wonderful time. I love Temecula – isn’t it great? :)

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