February 16, 2011

  • Catching Up

    Happy belated Valentine’s Day to everyone in Xangaland! Johnny’s been in Manhattan, pitching his toy at New York Toy Fair (often presenting for 10 hours a day!), since last Friday, so I spent my Valentine’s Day with Jack, Derek and my friend Michelle, who flew in from DC to visit me for a long weekend. It was so nice of her to take the time to travel all the way across the country (and nice of her husband to lend me his valentine). I miss my college days, when I could see my close girlfriends whenever I wanted.

    We had a great few days and mostly hung out with the kids. But, I did have a blissfully relaxing, girls-only Sunday. With Johnny gone for essentially six days (all of Friday through all of tomorrow — by the time he gets home, the kids will have long been asleep), and me tutoring on Saturday afternoon, I needed a break. So, I hired a babysitter to come on Sunday, and Michelle and I went to Bar Method (yes, I dragged poor Michelle and her friend Katie, who spent one night with us, to an 8:15 a.m. class), enjoyed an outdoor lunch in Huntington Beach and got our nails done. So refreshing!

    Michelle, Katie and I enjoying “lava flow” cocktails — basically pina coladas with strawberry puree mixed in — at Duke’s in Huntington Beach

    February 017

    We were there with Roya, whom I’ve stolen from Ben (just kidding, Ben! But that is what you get for moving to Nova Scotia). Anyway, Roya is five months pregnant and still looks amazing.

    February 016

    I really enjoyed my little Sunday “vacation,” but I was really glad to see Jack and Derek that afternoon! They had a lot of fun with Susy while I was gone, but I start to get kind of antsy after a few hours, wondering how they’re doing and whether they’re worried that I’m not there. (I’m positive the answer is that they were not worried. They were ecstatic to see me upon my return, but they cried when Susy left!) We spent Monday just enjoying the lovely weather (it was in the mid- to high-70s this whole time).

    Jack blowing bubbles in the yard

    February 020

    Derek chasing the bubbles

    February 022

    Michelle teaching Jack how to blow huge bubbles

    February 023

    My two favorite kiddos!

    February 026

    Today it was back to the normal routine with the boys, which was nice in its own way. Jack misses Michelle already, though, since she spent a lot of time patiently playing with him and answering all of his many “why?” questions. We are all ready for Johnny to return. While he’s been gone, Jack (totally unprompted) has taken on the “responsibility” of snuggling in bed with me in the early morning. He says that he is “protecting” me since “Daddy isn’t here.” But today, he said, “I like being here with you, Mommy, but I want Daddy to come back now.” Awww!

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  • :)   Looks like your Valentines Day was a fun one!  :)   Girls afternoon out is always fun.  I love Jack’s expression of watching Michelle show him how to blow bubbles :) .  He looks so enthralled.  Derek is getting so big…  Time just flies by!

  • Aww, looks like you had a great time! I can’t believe how big your boys are getting!

  • Your boys have gotten SO big!!!  They are precious!  :)

    I haven’t been on xanga much this year at all…

  • What?! No posts since February! Anyway, miss ya tons Bev and I think I’m coming back to post more random stuff on xanga. 

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