January 16, 2011

  • Sunny Weekend

    I know it’s probably a sign of impending doom, but it’s been unseasonably warm (even for CA) the last couple of days. Yesterday, I had to dig into one of my summer clothing boxes and whip out a sundress. Crazy! Today I’m wearing a lightweight skirt. I admit, I love it. I try not to think about the global warming aspect while enjoying this sunny spell.

    I took advantage of the great weather on Friday to put the first transplants and seeds into my SFG. So far, we’ve got three squares of broccoli transplants, two of which are visible in the pic below (I bought those as seedlings instead of starting from scratch), and we’ve got one square of spinach seeds (lower left corner; not visible in pic, but you can’t see anything right now anyway) and one square of sugar snap peas (upper left corner).

    January 018

    Jack loves to water the garden, and he’s gotten good at not watering the plants, but rather the soil around them.

    January 022

    Funny side note: Yesterday, he asked to eat some sugar snap peas that I was washing, and as he crunched into one, he paused and said, “Wait, these growed from the garden already?” He looked so full of wonder. It was adorable that he even thought that would be possible. I hated having to tell him no. But, he wasn’t too crushed, since I reminded him that one day we would indeed get to harvest peas just like the ones he’s eating from the garden.

    While Jack and I tend to the garden, Derek’s been enjoying some outside fun, too. It’s good to see, because earlier this week, he was miserable from a double ear infection. Now he’s all better.

    Waving as he “mows” the lawn

    January 024

    He’s been having a word explosion lately. He had a few words down already (like mama, daddy, the names he calls his grandparents, night-night, dog, bye, ball), but now he also says “hot,” “hat,” “hello,” “I love you,” “Jack,” “oh man,” “fruit,” “blueberry,” and a bunch of others.  So cute! I feel like he’s on the cusp of a major leap forward in terms of communication, and I can’t wait to hear him actually talking.

    Yesterday we had company over for dinner, so I dressed up a little. For Christmas, Charles gave me a cute dress from Express’ spring line, and I thought I’d have to wait a few months to wear it, but it was warm enough to don yesterday.

    It’s even cuter without the little jacket, but this was taken in the evening, when it’d cooled down a bit.

    January 014  

    And just because these are few and far between, a pic of just me and Johnny.

    January 015

    Tonight, we’ve hired a babysitter, because all four of us adults (Johnny and I, plus my in-laws) are heading to Pasadena for Victoria’s mom’s birthday dinner party. As I type, I’m waiting for four toenails to dry. Yes, I said four … I’m wearing peep-toe heels that show the first two toes on each foot, so, in a new nadir of laziness, I’ve only painted the exposed toes. Let’s hope I don’t need to take off my shoes for any reason!

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  • Do you need a trellis for sugar snap peas?  I’m sure it would be easy to buy one and stick it in the dirt for the vines to climb up.  We got ours really cheap at Lowe’s.  You’ll also need tomato cages for your tomato plants so they don’t fall over and break off at the root.

    I have *totally* only painted a couple toes before.  I thought everyone did that…haha!!  Hey, at least you painted the ones showing.  But yes, it would be embarrassing if you had to take your shoes off.  This happened to me once when i was wearing boots and i had the most hideous socks on.  Hope you have fun!

  • @ShamrockLover - Yes, I’ll need a trellis for the peas and the tomatoes, but actually, the steel pipes behind the SFG (probably not visible in the pics in this post, but visible in the last post) is a frame for the trellis. The nylon netting to attach to the frame came last week, so Johnny will attach it soon. But that’ll be the trellis for the peas, tomatoes and any other climbing veggies I plant. :) It’s on the north side of the garden so that it doesn’t shade out any other plants, and it’s pretty securely into the ground. I can’t wait to see these veggies grow!

  • Cute dress Beverly! I miss warm weather! Your garden is looking great too! I’d love to have fresh broccoli!! :o )

  • @bevconeal - Tomato cages are probably a better option for the tomatoes than a trellis.  I say that only because they won’t grow up a trellis, but will start leaning pretty quickly and a round cage that you put around them will keep them from falling over.  Just an idea….can’t wait to see the progress!

  • @ShamrockLover - Good to know! I’ve always liked the look of those cages anyway. :) Thank goodness I have you reading my blog to give me hints!!

  • I popped on to see if anyone is still doing Xanga   I wasn’t shocked to see that you still post entries but I was a bit surprised to see that there were some from so recently.  Derek is saying a lot!  At Aidan’s 2-year checkup the dr. said that his speech is slow (which we already knew) and I have to get him evaluated and probably get him into speech therapy…it’s sooooo different from how Hannah was!  You and Johnny & the boys look great 

  • @shelly1196 - Shelly, I have to say, I miss your entries, but thank goodness for FB. I’m not sure I can keep up this recent spate of updating more regularly. As you can imagine, I hardly have time these days! I always feel like I should just leave Xanga, but then something draws me back. :) You know where I haven’t visited in forever, though? The old Shiba forum!

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