February 1, 2011

  • A Few Pictures

    I wanted to share some pictures from over the weekend. First, the garden: It’s coming along nicely.

    On the left is the broccoli, growing taller by the minute. To the right are the spinach seedlings — this morning, a seventh seedling popped up, so now we’re just waiting on two (and if they don’t sprout, then so be it). One of the seedlings is now forming its first true leaves — very exciting.

    January 072  January 071

    And here we have one of the shallot/onion squares. You can see the green onion leaves beginning to pop up.

    January 070

    I’m waiting for the sugar snap peas and the carrots. I just sowed the carrot seeds on Friday, and I’ve read that they can take up to three weeks, so I’m not holding my breath on that one. I know the peas have germinated (bad bad Beverly … I dug into the soil to “spy” on one of the seeds. It’s germinated, just hasn’t poked through yet), so it’s just a matter of time before they’re above the surface. Now I sit back and watch everything grow until mid-February, which is when I’ll put in the tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. In March, I’ll do basil, and in April, I’ll start the okra.

    Now, the fam.

    Johnny with Jack and Atari — every once in a while, we like to torment our dog. Ha. And Derek and I on Sunday morning. He just came up to me and wanted to cuddle on my lap. It was so sweet! I got lots of unsolicited toddler kisses. I’m not sure if there’s a better kind of kiss!

    January 061  January 057

    Not much else to report. My first SAT class at the center went well on Saturday afternoon. My student is very motivated (but not crazily so). She listens and asks questions, and she’s willing to work hard. Better yet, her dad actually asks her what her goals are, instead of demanding that she makes a certain score. He seems very supportive of her. After working for one overzealous parent and one totally apathetic one, this is a nice change of pace. Plus it’s nice that I no longer have to go out to make my own copies of teaching materials — there’s a receptionist there who will do it for me. Score!

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  • Look at your green thumb Beverly!!  I remember it took forever for my carrots to come up and i nearly gave up on them.  I had to laugh at your comment about digging up a pea….i did the same thing.  We are so much alike sometimes….haha.  I need to message you about your last comment on my site, but i don’t have time right now so i’ll do it later.  I can’t wait till you take pics of your harvested veggies!  Great job!

  • The garden looks so good!  Yay!  And I love the pic with Derek…so sweet…enjoy these moments as they go by so quickly!

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