December 21, 2010

  • Holiday Hustle and Bustle

    We had a very busy, but fun, weekend. I may be in the minority here, but I love the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Even jostling the crowds while out grocery or gift shopping makes me feel festive! (Well, most of the time.) And I love how everyone wants to get together and is generally more social around this time of year.

    Friday night, Chris, Victoria and Maddy came over to spend the night. We had dinner, some wine and some chocolate-covered strawberries after the kids went to bed. While Johnny and Chris played their nerdy role-playing card games or whatever it is they’re doing (sorry, guys, your secret is out!), Victoria and I talked. We had so much fun that we forgot to take pictures! It was adorable to watch Jack and Maddy playing together. Jack was really excited about his cousin coming. He helped me set up the travel toddler bed, and even flipped down the blanket on top of the bed so that “Maddy would know how to get in the bed.” Saturday morning, we pigged out on monkey bread (curses to my friend Ann for introducing us to that stuff. If there were a way for me to transfer five pounds from my hips directly to yours, I would!). It was a cold and rainy day — perfect for huddling up indoors and eating fatty foods with loved ones. Ha!

    Saturday morning, after Chris and Vic left, I went for a three-mile run. It was drizzling slightly, but it felt fantastic to run in that weather. I didn’t feel all hot and sweaty, and the light rain was refreshing. I almost didn’t want to stop, but well, it was close to lunchtime by the time I finished, and we all know that food comes first! While the kids napped after lunch, I went out to run some errands. By the time I came back, it was time to prepare for our second round of guests. Donna, Scott, Madi and baby Josh (same age as Derek) came over for a laid-back dinner of pizza, wings and beer (obviously, no beer for the kids. LOL). Again, not sure what I was doing, but I forgot to take pictures!!! Derek and Josh were adorable, toddling around together. After they left, Johnny and I rolled ourselves to the couch and caught up on our DVR’d shows.

    Sunday morning, it was time for me to pay for my digressions from healthy eating. I went to the brand-new Bar Method studio in Palos Verdes (I cannot even say how beyond excited I am that they’re now 10 minutes from my house!). My friend Kanako joined me. No one else was signed up for the 9:30 a.m. class (I guess if you don’t have kids, 9:30 a.m. is early?! I vaguely remember those days), so she and I got a private lesson. I was OK with the arm toning exercises (my arms and calves are pretty toned, from lifting the kids and from running, respectively), but oh, man, the thigh work and ab work killed me. I am still sore today. Then again, that’s the beauty of Bar Method … since running does nothing for your inner thighs and abs, I need this class! It yielded such great results for me when I was going to the West LA studio, but after 2.5 years, I’m afraid I’m starting back at square one. That’s OK, though … now there’s a studio close to me again. It’s pricey, but I’m going to put some of my tutoring money toward it, and go on weekend mornings. After class, Kanako and I hobbled over to the Starbucks across the way and chatted for an hour or so over coffee. Then I ran a couple of errands before heading home to join Johnny and the kids for lunch (a very healthy meal of, uh, leftover pizza). While the boys napped, I went over to my mom’s house to practice Christmas carols on the piano. (Where we’re going for Christmas — more on that later — there’s a piano, and even though I played for 12 years, I’m quite rusty these days, so I’ve been practicing at night after tutoring — from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. — and on weekends.)

    Then it was home to chill with the fam until the boys went to bed. Look at my adorable boys!

    December 054

    December 052

    It was rainy and we couldn’t go outside, but Johnny and I kept the boys entertained by chasing them through their new tent. At one point, Johnny went out to the comic book store, and the boys and I used the time to make Christmas presents. (Well, they made Christmas presents while I supervised.)

    After the boys went to bed, I went out to a moms night out “date” with my friend Tomomi. We had a four-course meal at the Melting Pot. I love fondue!

    Here I am with Tomomi during our cheese fondue appetizer course. Mmmmmmmmm.

    December 056

    I think I must have ingested 10,000 calories on Sunday alone. So perhaps the Bar Method class didn’t do as much good as it could have. But when New Years rolls around, I’m back on the wagon! I’m going to Bar Method again on Thursday (Johnny’s not working that day), in an effort to combat the massive calories I’m going to ingest over Christmas.

    Tonight, my dad comes back from Taiwan for the holidays. Charles is also arriving on the same flight. He’s been working in China since October. We’re all excited to see him, but of course June is most thrilled! Tomorrow night, we’re all going to my dad’s company Christmas party. Should be a fun time. And then starting Thursday, Johnny is off of work until January 3! It’s our year to spend Christmas with my in-laws, and Chris, Vic and Maddy. Since both of our families have little kids, Johnny’s parents rented an awesome vacation house down in Temecula, which is a manageable drive for us and Chris’ family. We’ll be there for a week. Since it’s no one’s house, it will be very relaxing (no one has the stress of hosting). After that, my parents-in-law will be staying with us for three weeks (which means delicious wines and help with the boys!). So, some fun times coming up. I’ll try to update and comment regularly!

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  • Hi Beverly! I love the hustle n’ bustle of the holidays too! You look great! You’re in such great shape. I can’t even run for 30 seconds…seriously! I’m impressed w/ your running/work out skills. Hopefully I’ll get in shape in the new year. I doubt I could do the Bar Method though…that sounds like a pretty serious workout!

    Your boys are so CUTE!! They’re growing up so fast. I’m sure they’re looking forward to Christmas!! All my friends say the holidays are a bit more special when you have kids. :o ) I’m glad Charles and your dad will be home for the holidays. Have fun at the Christmas party!!

    p.s. Cheese fondue sounds so good!!

  • I love that second picture of the boys.  What cuties!!!  Do you mind sharing what traveling toddler bed you set up?  We’ll need something like this for Ella soon and i can’t decide what to go. with.  Thanks!

  • Very cute pictures.  You amaze me; the way you can fit so many things into your days along with taking care of the boys, bar method, nights out with girls, time with hubby… family time with parents and siblings. .what the heck! 

    I wish we could meet up in Taiwan again like last time…except with more time to spend together.  But at least we have something planned for when I get back.  :)

    love the pictures of J & D as always.  <3

  • @ShamrockLover - Kelly, of course I don’t mind sharing. I got the travel bed from (click here). I would recommend getting the Kids size (twin) instead of Toddler, because with the twin, you could use it for adults, too, or for when the kids are older and doing sleepovers. It’s only a little more money, and it’s not so huge that it would intimidate little kids who have just transitioned out of cribs. We used the twin one all July when we were up at my in-laws’ cottage, and Jack loved it. I didn’t even have to reinflate it once! It’s very comfortable, and a standard twin sheet fits on it just fine. It comes with an automatic pump. Do NOT get the nylon bed cover if you get this bed — we did, and it was a waste of money. It was hard to get the cover on, and besides, the base didn’t get dirty even though we used it straight for a month. The bed is really easy to travel with. I highly recommend it!

    @My_Enigma_Heart - Aww, thanks for the compliments, girl. I’ll miss you while you’re away, but I can’t wait to see you in Feb. Travel safe!

  • Hey there! If you have time, lemme know if you want to meet up still while you’re in Temecula. I’m sure your time will be taken up with family and friends you’re already spending it with so no pressure. We’re easy-going. :) Your kiddos are just so cute. Love the pictures. And LOVE Melting Pot. I was thinking of surprising Bill with that tonight. Hmm… better get on that! ha ha

  • @glorycato - Anna, I would LOVE to meet up, but our week is getting filled up WAY more quickly than I’d anticipated. :( I do really want to meet, though! What is your schedule like for next week? If it doesn’t work out, I really want to have you guys over at our house sometime soon in the New Year. We’ll make it worth your drive! I promise!

  • @bevconeal - I figured you’d be super busy so I didn’t want to bug you too much about it. I know how those things go! We’ll be in Phoenix next week from the 29th through New Year’s. So if it doesn’t work we’ll make plans to come visit you at your place soon. :)

  • @glorycato - Yee-hee for meeting up soon! I just sent you a FB message. And you wouldn’t have been bugging me … I always love hearing from you. Have fun in Phoenix!

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