October 26, 2010

  • Jack Writes!

    I’ve been very lazy about blogging recently. Sometimes I feel like I’m just repeating myself, since I post most things on Facebook, and sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day. But, every time I think about abandoning blogging, I remember my blogosphere friends … I can’t bear to not keep up with them! So, here I am, with a long-overdue update.

    This past Sunday night, Jack told me he wanted to write his name. This is a frequent request, and always results in some illegible scribbles that do not resemble letters. So, I gave him some crayons and paper, then went to send an email on the computer. I paid Jack no attention, so imagine my surprise when he told me he was done and showed me this:


    Whoa! I started to take a picture of it, but he told me to wait, and then he ran into the kitchen, where he put it up on the fridge. Then Jack said, “OK, now you can take better picture of it, Mommy.” How vain. It would have been so cute if he’d chosen the J, A, C and K magnets, wouldn’t it? Anyway, I’m very proud! His preschool teacher’s been working on writing letters at school, and I guess Jack’s mastered some of them. Sometimes I wonder if Jack would be a super genius if I actually worked with him more on stuff at home. All I do (besides play) is explain stuff in daily life to him, and we’ll point out letters on signs, but I don’t really sit down with him and do “lessons,” per se. We color and work on puzzles — that’s the closest we come to any sort of structured activity. Oh, and we read a lot. He’s beginning to sound out some simple words. Well, I guess if it’s working, I won’t interfere with the current process, or lack thereof.

    Oh! We also got our professional family portraits done. Two years ago, we hired Trina from Monkeys and Peas Photography to take our pictures when Jack was 13 months old. We liked her so much that we decided to hire her again this time around. Like last time, she came to us and set up the “studio” portion (on gray backdrop) at our house, then we went to the botanic garden for the photojournalistic shots. She spent more than three hours with us. Pictures aren’t cheap, so this is probably the last time we’ll do this for a while. We mainly wanted to capture Derek’s fleeting baby-ness. Here are some of my favorites! (I posted more on Facebook; all in all, I got nearly 300 high-res digital images!)

    Oneal2-120 Oneal2-130

    Oneal2-125 Oneal2-148

    Oneal2-168 Oneal2-176

    Oneal2-180 Oneal2-182

    Oneal2-237 Oneal2-250

    Oh, Derek, why can’t I have those eyelashes?




    How cute are these two?

    Oneal2-368 Oneal2-376

    Thanks for reading!

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  • Aww…how cute is his name all written neatly on the paper. You must have been so proud!

    Great photos! You have two handsome boys.

  • Hi Beverly!! I’m impressed w/ Jack’s writing skills…I bet ur a proud mama! :o ) The professional pictures are adorable. Your kids are growing up so fast and I would love Derek’s eyelashes too-LOL.  I think you should blow up the family picture and frame it. Y’all look great! And I know what you mean about blogging..I feel like I have nothing to blog abt these days, hmmph. Thank you for the comment and take care!

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